WordPress vs HTML5, Which is best for building websites?


WordPress vs HTML5, Which is best for building websites?

There is no clear, “one-size-fits-all”, answer to this. It depends on your needs, how often you need updates done, and your budget. HTML took a big step forward with HTML5. WordPress has become THE content management system website software out there. The short answer is:
You want to make the updates yourself – With WordPress you can log in from any place that has an internet connection and make text updates easily. Images can be a bit trickier, but for many, they will conquer this.
Another option is an HTML5 site, using Dreamweaver as your editor. You would need to be on a computer that has a copy of Dreamweaver, which means making updates from anywhere can not happen. If you are updating your site just from the office though, then there will never be any problems.

How often do you make updates? – If you are only planning on updating the site a few times a year, it would make economic sense to go with an HTML5 site. It will be cheaper to build, and cost very little to update over the life of the website.

If you are constantly making updates, would like to be able to add in a lot of database driven features, then it makes perfect sense to look into building a WordPress site.

Your Budget – This is something we all have to take into account more than ever. You want what you need for your business, but at what cost?

HTML5 Websites typically run for less because there is far less database programming with it, if any at all. With HTML5 your options for getting a pristine site have gone way up over HTML4. So you don’t lose a lot of the features you like in a WordPress site, and you pay less money for it.

WordPress has a lot of programming to it, so the costs can be higher. But if control of your own website is something you want to have, WordPress will help bring you there. With Plug-ins to enhance the database, along with the look and feel of some of the themes even before they are customized, WordPress can have some great advantages with membership capabilities, multiple databases, doing most of your updates from anywhere there is an internet connection to name a few. It’s a powerful tool when in the right hands. smile emoticon

So in the end, you can see the decision is more than, “one-size-fits-all”. Once everything has been taken into consideration, an informed decision can be made to enhance your business.